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Nail Shape Guide
what is the best shape for your nails?
nail shapes photo Hands are part of how we express ourselves. The way they look can speak volumes about who we are, what we do for a living and even how old we are. Have you ever tried to talk without using your hands in some way?
They help us communicate, they are a means to intimacy and they can express our creativity or the lack of it. Keep hands feeling soft and looking smooth with moisturizing gel gloves. They can be used at night, while you meditate or just relaxing. Even just put them on for 20 minutes a day and it can help keep your hands looking great!

Nails create the finishing touch to our hands. They complete our look like a period completes a sentence. Today nails do not have to be long claws to be attractive and current fashion trends show a much shorter nail is in vogue. The critical aspect of nails is that they look clean, shaped and well groomed. A few minutes each week to have a manicure can keep your hands looking proffesional and polished. Try nail strengthers and a french manicure to help get your nails in tip top shape.

The misconception is that nice nails take too much time, but the truth is, a little bit of weekly maintenance will go along way to achieving and maintaining nice nails. Here is a simple guide to filing and shaping your nails:

1) File nails regularly. This helps get rid of snags and tears before they become a broken or torn nail. Only use nail files with a grit between 240 and 300 for natural nails. Anything smaller will be too coarse, and anything high will work more like a buffer.2) Determine the nail shape that will look best for your hands. You should look at the natural curve your nails make where the nail grows out and becomes a free edge. The straighter it is the more squarish your nail shape should be.

3) There are 4 basic nail shapes you can file your nails to; a rounded shape, a pointed shape, a square shape and a squoval which is a combination square-oval shape.

4) Once you have picked the shape of your nails. Gently file them, but do not file nails excessively. If you need to shorten your nails, clip them first, then smooth out the rough edges with a file or buffer. File nails only when dry. Then use a buffer to smooth out rough spots.

5) NEVER file nails back and forth across the tip of your nail. This will weaken the nail, causing it to split and chip. File nails toward the center, first from one side then from the other.

6) Avoid filing deep into the sides of the nail. This also tends to weaken it. Allowing the sides to grow makes them appear longer and they will wear better.

7) Once you have achieved your desired shape. Wash & dry hands, then use a good creme and massage it into hands and nails until absorbed.

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