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SpaGlo® LLC dedicated to helping you look, feel and live life at your best
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Welcome to SpaGlo® LLC. In 2007 I was faced with unemployment, and a new baby and I refused to let my career be over. I had a ton of contacts from my years working at a cosmetic company (who will not be named here) and I felt there was a gap in skincare products offering that focus on affordable natural based ingredients. I felt I could bring to market a natural & healthy alternative to chemically based comercial skincare products. I sought out a top skin care production lab out of California  that focused on natural Aloe based products and worked with them to develop my products and so SpaGlo® was born. I continuously strive for excellence in the development and production of our products and your customer satisfaction.  I hope that you will enjoy my products and feel confident in knowing that you received a quality product at a fair price.  Thank You for visiting us.
The SpaGlo® team combines over 20 years of beauty product experience, with the love of spa treatments, healthy living, cosmetics and environmental awareness, all into one.  We are dedicated to providing you with top quality spa products based on natural ingredients with no environmentally harmful chemicals. 



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From cutting-edge botanicals to advanced natural phytonutrients, all ingredients have been thoroughly tested for purity and efficacy. In addition to providing high quality, natural based spa skin care and cosmetic products SpaGlo® also provides healthy beauty & lifestyle tips, makeup how to's and useful resources for healthy earth friendly living. SpaGlo® is committed to help you look and feel beautiful while doing our part to help reduce the impact on our environment. You can read our Environmental Policy Here. Every home will benefit by doing a little something to improve the environment and themselves, from using Eco-friendly products to living a healthier lifestyle. Our focus is on helping women, not only look and feel better, but also provide inspiration and guidance to help improve the quality of life on the planet. Our Environmental Promise: We endeavor to: Comply with and exceed all relevant 

regulatory requirements. Continually improve and monitor environmental performance. Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts. Incorporate environmental factors into business decisions. Increase employee awareness and training. SpaGlo®.com's products do not contain Parabens, Formaldehyde, Toluene or Dibutyl Phthalate. Product are made with pure, natural & organic ingredients taken from responsible sources and are made in the USA. We are an environmentally conscience company and use natural based ingredients acquired from fair trade sources. SpaGlo® does not engage in or support animal testing. We use minimal outer packaging, recycled papers, biodegradable plastics for bags and soy inks for printing. We promote a culture of reduce, reuse and recycle within the company. We participate in Teracycle® empty plastic container recycling program and customers can sign-up. Contact us for more information on our empty cosmetic container recycling program.

SpaGlo® does not engage in or support animal testing. SpaGlo® does not over package products and uses materials that are recyclable and/or biodegradable.  SpaGlo® uses recycled materials for paper printed literature. We use up to 25% renewable energy sources and promote renewable energy. Our goal is to be a leader in providing the most efficacious and environmentally friendly skin care and cosmetic products possible. Join us as we help the world in becoming a more relaxing, beautiful and environmentally friendlier place.

SpaGlo® Beauty LLC is a privately owned health & beauty company.  Founder Anna Pietrocola is a cosmetic executive with over 20 years experience in designing and developing health and beauty products. She started SpaGlo® LLC in 2007 when a company takeover left her without a job and a new baby. Not wanting to make a choice between caring for her child or her career  she started a small business in the basement of her home and SpaGlo® was born.














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