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Small changes everyday make a big impact on our planet. SpaGlo® Beauty LLC is committed to making the world a little greener, a little cleaner, and a little healthier by working hard on providing earth friendly products that people can trust, will be as good to the planet as they are for their skin. 

We still have a ways to go but have made some important changes to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and have ongoing initiatives which include but are not limited to the following:

Our product formulations are made from up to 90% natural ingredients and are now free of Parabens, Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalates. We are working on removing Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Propylene glycol by 2015.  


We’ve trimmed excess packaging from all of our products. Our secondary packaging now utilizes biodegradable plastic and all paper used in packaging and printed materials is anywhere from 60 to 100% recycled. We are looking at new papers made from stone and by 2015 will be testing the feasibility of using this source for all our paper products to reduce the need for tree products to be used.

In 2013 we partnered with Terra Cycle to help our customers recycle cosmetics containers with our Recycling Beauty Program.  Consumers signup and get free shipping labels for every 12 lbs of empty cosmetic containers to send to Terra Cycle. For every shipment $2.00 will go to help fight climate change via Carbonfootprint.org

We are working on changing our primary packaging to be made from 80% post consumer recycled content and looking at the new bioplastics as they become more feasible to use.

In our offices we minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible. We have reduced toxic emissions through the selection and use of up to 25% of alternative sources like wind turbine and solar powder for our power requirement. We actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers by utilizing recycling bins for all waste. We’ve outfitted our facilities with energy-efficient lighting and printers use soy based inks and cartridges are recycled.

As a distributor of natural personal care products we pride ourselves in the fact that our products are made in the USA but because we use many different types of materials and ingredients we have to source some of them from around the world. In doing this we are committed to Responsible Sourcing. This means we respect the communities, individuals, and environment from which we source our ingredients and materials from and trade only with suppliers that adhere to a Fair Trade Code of Conduct.

As we continued to grow make changes to improve our environmental impact, we also work with suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to improve their environmental performance as well as our own.

Anna Pietrocola
Founder Of SpaGlo® Beauty LLC


We All Need To Do Our Part Here is a Simple Eco-Friendly Guide to follow...

There is only one Earth. We all need to take responsibility for it and do something to stop global warming, even if it is just one little change. That one little change will help make a difference. From big and small businesses down to individuals, everyone can do something to help in reversing damage to the environment. Here is a list of small changes that can have a big impact, if everyone in the world did just one of them.

1) Use Compact Florescent Light Bulbs (CFLs). They use about 65% less energy than regular ones. They cost a little more but they also last up to 10 times longer than regular ones do too. 

2) Buy energy saving appliances. Look for the "Energy Star" label on everything you may buy that is electronic, from computers to blow dryers to air conditioners.






3) Recycle, it makes a difference. Recycling is one of the simplest way you can help the environment. The more we can recycle the less will get piled up at unsightly landfills. If it is made out of plastic, glass, paper, cans, it can most likely be recycled. Even phones, laptops and definitely batteries should be taken to a recycling center. Don't forget to recycle your empty cosmetic bottles, jars, lipsticks and other beauty containers. Join TerraCycle.com and mail your items for FREE! They make sure cosmetic and other items are recycled properly.

4) Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products. Regular cleaning products have may potentially toxic chemicals in them that can seep their way into ground water and polluting it. There are now many non toxic versions out there like Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers.

5) Walk, ride a bike, take public transportation or drive a fuel efficient car. Driving a typical car for one year produces 95,000 pounds of global warming pollution. Reducing car emissions is one of the big priorities for the world. Using alternative means of transportation and the development of eco-friendly cars and gas is vital to the plants health.


6) Adjust your thermostat. Turn it down a degree in winter and up a degree in summer and it reduces carbon dioxide dumped into the air by 500 pounds plus it saves 15% on energy bills.

7) Conserve Water. Fix leaks, try taking shorter showers, don't let the water run while brushing teeth or washing face, and water lawns conservatively. These habits can save hundreds of gallons of water a month. Drought and pollution is causing water to become more and more precious around the world, as well as right here in the US, so be mindful of how you use it. 

8) Eat Organic or Locally grown foods. Using organic foods help keep chemicals out of the soil and you. Locally grown foods saves fuel by not having to be transported long distances.

9) Unplug small appliances. Even if small appliances are turned off, if they are plugged in they still suck up energy without being used so unplug anything that does not need to be plugged in.

10) Turn off lights and open shades. Let the sun shine in and try using natural light instead of electric lights when you can.

11) Use recycled paper products. Almost all paper products are available in a recycled form. This saves hundreds of trees from deforestation.

12) Switch to renewable energy sources. Wind, solar & water power sources are becoming more available and prices are becoming comparable to fossil fuel energy.

For More Energy Saving Info, Check Out these Great Sites:
Alliance to Save Energy: 
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy: www.aceee.org
American Wind Energy Association: www.awea.org
Ceres: www.ceres.org
Ecospeakers: www.ecospeakers.com
Environmental Defense: www.edf.org
Environmental Resources Trust: www.ert.net
Green-e Program: www.green-e.org
From the Center for Resource Solutions. Grist Magazine: www.grist.org
National Wildlife Federation: www.nwf.org
Real Climate: www.realclimate.org
Solar Energy Industries Association: www.seia.org
The Pew Center on Global Climate Change: www.pewclimate.org
Tufts Climate Initiative: www.tufts.edu/tci/
US EPA Energy Star Program: www.energystar.gov
US EPA Green Power Partnership: www.epa.gov/greenpower













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