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Skin Care for Every Season
maintain a simple but good skin care routine year round

Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall you need to maintain your skin care routine throughout the changing seasons. Each season may require you to make minor adjustments to your basic routine. For example, Summer we all want to be able to just get a tan and fuss less with our skin. But summertime skin needs extra attention. and you need to add extra moisturizing and SPF protection products. Wintertime is also a time the skin needs extra moisture to protect it from drying out and cracking making it look older than it should.

Over time environmental elements can really sap skin's vitality and damage it adding years to your look. It does not happen right away. In your 20's skin is very elastic and resilient, it can bounce back from a lot of abuse. But one day you wake up and notice that your skin is not bouncing back the way it use to. You start to see the laugh lines around your eyes and mouth begin to be permanently etched into place even when you are not laughing. 

So what do you do? Well there are many options to help, but the best place to start is moisture, moisture, moisture. A good moisturizer is the best place to start, then modifing any vises, like smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee and not removing makeup at night. The big three factors to help restore and repair the signs of damaged or aging skin are having a balance of good nutrition, good skin care habits and a good skin care maintenance routine with products for your skin type.

Good nutrition is important in helping all aspects of your body be fit and healthy but even more so for your skin, the largest organ in your body. Poor nutrition will definitely show in your skin, so try and eat a well balance diet. Recently new breakthroughs and studies done with vitamin supplements targeting skin care are showing that they may actually lead to clearer, younger looking skin.

Aside from good nutrition, the next important aspect to improving skin quality, are the skin care habits (good & bad) that can affect the quality and look of it's appearance. Things like avoiding smoking and smoky environments, wearing sunglasses, using sunscreen products, not pulling or tugging on your skin, and proper care of blemishes when they flare up, should all be second nature to help avoid damaging and scaring skin. Developing good habits toward your skin can do much in helping it resist external damage, wrinkles, and daily wear.

The next important aspect for skin improvement is maintenance. There are three important basic steps in skin care maintenance. The first is Cleansing skin, then Tone skin, and then Moisturize skin! Additional steps can be added to target specific problems like wrinkles, skin discoloration or blemishes but the three basic steps should always be performed morning and night. The products you use should be formulated for your skin type and not just a one size fits all type of product.

Five Minutes to Fabulous! Starting with clean dry skin, apply a toner/astringent with a cotton ball, then smooth on the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type. Choosing one with SPF will give you the added sun protection. This will create a nice soft base to apply your make-up and avoid a cakey look. You can easily tame any unruly eyebrow hairs with a clean toothbrush. Brush them upward and then horizontally toward your ears. Next if you feel you need to use an eyelash curler. There are new mini curlers out now that offers more precision and grabs only a small section at a time, so there is less chance of pulling out lashes or pinching the lids. It's worth checking out.

Next is evening out skin with foundation. There are so many types of foundations out on the market to choose from, but it will all come down to which feels comfortable on your skin, gives you the coverage you want and matches your skintone exactly! Mineral make-up is currently all the rage and it is worth trying out. It has many advantages and can provide a very natural flawless look and feel.

Finishing touches include applying black mascara, we recommend applying it only to the top lashes. Mascara on the bottom lashes mixes with the oils on the skin and then runs plus it increases the likelihood of getting speckles under your eyes. Next apply blush with a soft brush, across the apples of your cheeks and finish off the look by slicking on a tinted, moisture filled, lip gloss and you are done. If you want added definition to your lips apply a lip liner to the entire lip and then apply the lip gloss. Apply the liner to the entire lip avoids the harsh outline once the gloss starts to fade.

Now SMILE and face the day with beautiful skin!

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