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Troubleshooting Mineral Make-Up


ISSUE: Too Heavy, Cakey, Chalky, Too White

CAUSE:  This effect is generally caused by applying too much foundation at one time, applying the foundation with the wrong brush, applying the foundation to skin that is moist or wet, applying the foundation fingers instead of a brush or using a color that is too light.
SOLUTION:  Apply foundation in very small quantities using the TAP, SWIRL, TAP, SWEEP method mentioned above. Make sure the face is dry and all moisturizer has been absorbed. Use a high quality fluffy, dense bristle brush such as a Kabuki brush.

ISSUE: Face continues to appear oily or shiny quickly.
CAUSE:  Oily prone skin, over application of foundation or over application/inappropriate moisturizer.
SOLUTION:  Dust a small amount Setting Powder over skin (in the T-zone) before applying the foundation and then again after the foundation is applied. Don't use moisturizer. If you have oily skin your body is over producing moisturizer already. If you need light moisturizer, look for one that is oil-free or for oily skin.

ISSUE: Application is uneven, streaky or blotchy.
CAUSE: This effect usually indicates there is moisture on the skin or in the brush when the foundation is applied.
SOLUTION:  Be sure that your moisturizer is fully absorbed. If your moisturizer stays damp on the surface of your skin try another one that will absorb fully. Also try using less foundation when applying. A little goes a long way. In this case less is more. You can also try mixing the translucent Setting Powder with the foundation for a more sheer finish that is a bit lighter.

ISSUE: Foundation is sinking into lines or pores appear larger.
CAUSE:  Generally this occurs when too much foundation is applied at once.
SOLUTION:  Try using less foundation (only a dime or nickel size). Also apply translucent Setting Powder under the foundation for a smoother, more refined application. Make sure to apply with a good, fluffy bristle brush like a Kabuki brush.

ISSUE: Makeup leaves skin too dry.
CAUSE: Mineral foundations in general are not moisturizing. If you previously used a moisturizing foundation, apply a moisturizer before the foundation that will work for you all day.
SOLUTION: Try applying a heavier moisturizer before the foundation. Make sure that the foundation is fully absorbed (not wet or moist on skin) before applying the foundation to avoid streaks or blotches. Also try mixing your moisturizer with the foundation for a tinted moisturizer. AVOID applying color to wrinkles on eyelids
AVOID using heavy mascara on bottom lids
AVOID heavy dark colors during the daytime
AVOID using too many different colors on eye shadows

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