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Prepping for your "Spa Day"

The key to a successful spa day is advance preparation

  1. Tips on Spa Prepping
  2. Put together a "Spa Basket" with all your favorite bath, body, and beauty treatment items. Ideally it would be nice to build your spa items around your favorite scent.  Keep them in a special place and only use them for your spa time.
  3. Put aside set of special towels, a lush robe if you have one and a sheet for you use just for your treatments. If possible they should be in a color that you find soothing and appealing, but try to stay away from harsh, bold colors.
  4. Buy a scented candle, or an essential oil to use only for your spa time.
  5. Select a special CD with soft music you love. Choose something that is not to stimulating, to help set a relaxing mood for your treatments.
  6. Have a decorative pitcher of water with slices of lemon and use decorative glasses. Or have herbal teas ready for you to sip on. Drinking fluids is an important part of your spa experience so plan to have it available. Using decorative items will add elegance to the special event. 
  7. Pick the room you plan to use. Try to use one that is away from any household activity. You should not have any TV on and if you can turn off the phone. The room you choose should be perfectly quiet for ultimate relaxation.
  8. To further create a relaxing environment make sure the room is clean, stash away any clutter and things that can distract you, at least temporarily. Having a minimalist atmosphere will help you put the daily grind out of your mind so you can fully enjoy your spa time.
  9. If possible use fresh plants or flowers to decorate the room you will be in.
  10. Be sure young children are well supervised before attempting your escape. If possible make a deal with a friend to take turns in having a "Spa Day", if she will watch them for you, you will do the same for her.
  11. Think about the treatments you want to do, read up about them and think of the order you want to do them, working within the time you are planning to spend.
  12. When you are ready for your "Spa Day" have all the things you plan to use close at hand and within easy reach. Wash cloth, loofah sponge,  body wash, moisturizer, bath salts etc...etc...
  13. Prepare meals for that day to be healthy and light, with allot of fruit and vegetables.

Once you picked the date for your "Spa Day", decided what treatments you will have, and have everything you need set up, try and get a good nights sleep the day before, you don't want to have an overwhelming sense of exhaustion.

On the day of, let your body wake up naturally without any disturbing, alarms buzzing. Relax in bed for a few minutes and naturally stretch away some of the tightness in your body. Get up and splash cool water on your face, put some clothes on, do a few stretches to warm up and go for an energizing walk. If you cannot go outside and walk, then walk in place or use a treadmill. This begins your special retreat.   

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