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here are some homespun beauty recipies for fresh skin care products


SpaGlo® admires and encourages the use of all natural products so for  all the purist that have the time and energy to make their own beauty products...here is a great list of HomeSpa Recipies from www.Care2.com enjoy....

Rose Water - How to Make Your Own
Beautiful Skin Tip: Apple Cider Vinegar
Fresh Milk and Ripe Tomato Juice Skin Cleanser
Harvest Skin Toner: The Mayan Secret Formula
Cruelty-free Cold Creams
Satiny Skin Cream
Caring for a Sunburn
Bay Rum Aftershave
The Home Spa: Steam Facials
Safety Concerns with Sunscreens
Homemade Fruit Acid Skin Care
Basic Almond Milk Formula
Simple Facial Cleanser
Harvest Skin Toner
Preservatives for Beauty Formulas
Brown Spots on the Skin
Hydrating Mask for Dry Skin
Deodorant or Antiperspirants?
Yummy Summer Lip Balm - Formula
Vinegar of the Four Thieves
Natural Skin Peels
Sunburn Salve
Beeswax Balm
Five-Step Skin Care for Perfect Skin
The Queen of Hungary's Water - Recipe
Alcohol in Astringents, Toners, and Other Cosmetics
3 Times a Week Banana Anti-Aging Mask
Winter Skin Cream with Royal Jelly - Formula
Luscious Lip Balm - Formula
Hydrating Dry Hair and Skin - Three Remedies
Cleanse and Condition Your Complexion - Recipes
Ancient Egyptian Art of Body Sugaring
Sun Protection Formulas
Basic Body Butter
Marvelous Masks - Your Guide to the Best Clays
Herbal Stick Deodorant - How-to Formula
Papaya or Pineapple for the Skin – Enzyme Formulas
Rose Water and Glycerin
Almond Milk
Skin Spritzer & Freshener
Rejuvenating Lemon Facial - Recipe
Luscious Lips - How-To
Spa Cuisine: Sweetheart Smoothie/Masque - Recipe
Brush Your Body - How To
Beautiful Body Butter - recipe
Sweet-Smelling Hands - How To
Banana Moon Facial Mask- recipe
Green Rub for Pretty Feet
How to Choose a Sunscreen
Violet Rosewater Splash
Strawberries and Cream Mask
Newlyweds'--or Anybody’s--Body Butter
Five Rituals for Beautiful Skin
Magic Mint Mask - Formula
Cucumber's Skin Secret - Formula
Peaches and Cream Toner - Formula
Sweet Cider Facial Scrub - Formula
Apple Crisp Body Scrub - Formula
Apple Cider Vinegar - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Quick Fix for Under-Eye Bags - How To
Soothing Lavender Facial Steam - How To
Fragrant Hair Care Oil - Formula
Olive Oil - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Simple Sugar Scrub - Formula
How to Make Luscious Cream Perfume - Formula
Mediterranean Anti-Aging Skin Formula
Lemon Juice - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Prevent and Treat Dry Skin - How To
Honey - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Sweet Hair Spray - Formula
Choose the Best Cosmetic Ingredient Oils for Your Skin – How-To
Flax Seeds for Setting Hair, Body Scrubs, and Dry Skin
Pure Cream Cleanser - Formula
Herbal Face Lift - Formula
Milk - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Stay Cool and Dry with Lavender Powder
Floral Bath Oil - How-To Formula
Cornstarch - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Get Your Feet in Mint Condition
The Quick Face Fix - Menu How-To
Avocado - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Top Ten Enemies For All Skin Types
Cool Skin Trick - Refreshing Formula
Strawberries - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Fresh Melon Lotion - Formula
Peaches - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Cool Cucumber Body Pizza - How To
Cucumber - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Royal Jelly Face Lift - Formula
Black Tea - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Minty-Fresh Facial Toner - Formula
Apples - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Pumpkin Face Mask – Rich In Vitamins A, C, and Zinc
Shea Butter - What It Is, What It Does for Our Skin
Coffee - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Massage Yourself a Face-Lift
Cornmeal - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Get Glowing! - How To
Juniper's Secrets for Health and Beauty
What is Your Skin Type? Quiz
OJ Wrinkle Buster - Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Tips
Buttery Body Balm - Formula
Dry Skin Cleanser - Formula
Heal Your Hands - Formula
A Quick Tip for Happy Skin - How To
Foot Care Basics - How To
Rose Hip Oil - Wonders for the Skin
Citrus Lip Gloss - How-To Formula
Green Tea for Health and Beauty
Aubrey's Green Tea Moisturizer - Formula
Anti-Aging Skin Treatment - Formula
Non-Petroleum Jelly - Formula
Ancient Chinese Acne Remedy
Youthening Mask - Formula
Cleopatra’s Cleansing Secret - Formula
Instantly Smoother Skin - How To Formula
Berry Beauty - Formulas
Best Body Fresheners - Formulas
Fruit Mask for Glowing Skin - Formula
Firming Mask - Formula
Cooling Mint Body Spray - Formula
Body Scrub for Bathing Suit Skin
Simple Fruit Cleanser - Formula
Sea Salt Body Scrub
Sun Repair Formula for Skin
Are Your Beauty Products Safe? Quiz
Gentle Scrub for Fresher Skin - Formula
Skin Care - Five Favorites
Honey Cream - Formula
Autumn Body Polish - Formula
Cold-Weather Cream - Formula
For Beautiful Hands - Natural Manicure How-To
All-Purpose Face and Body Splash - Formula
Smoothing Mask - Formula
Rich Skin Cream - Formula
Face-Saving Foods
Soft and Silky Moisturizer - Formula
Annie’s Winter Lip Balm - Formula
Sensitive Skin Slougher - Formula
Venus Beauty Treatment - Formula
“Wined and Dined” Facial Smoother
Luscious Tropical Moisturizing Cream - Formula
Reduce and Prevent Wrinkles - How To
Nourishing Facial Scrub - Formula
Mayan Hair Secret - Formula
Reduce Wrinkles - How To
Flora de Mayo Cream - Formula
Sunless Tanning Lotions
Smooth Feet Treat - Formula
Refreshing Summer Cologne - Formula
Sunburn Soothers
Lighten Age Spots and Freckles Naturally
A Personalized Facial for Your Type
Calendula Cleansing Milk: Beauty In Your Back Yard
Citrus Mint Toner
Quick Teabag Steam Facial
Pumpkin Treats for Your Skin
Antiseptic Cleansing Gel
Famous Hand Softening Formula
Vitalizing Citrus Bath
A-Peeling Tips for Kitchen Beauty
Simple, Safe Skin Cleansers - Formulas
Multi-Purpose Skin Care Formula
Honey-Sweet Moisturizer for Winter Skin
Three Green Bodycare Solutions - Formulas
Feeling Fabulous Skin Treatment
Squeaky Clean and Green Skin Cleanser
Sweet Scrub for Lusciously Soft Skin
Annie’s Luscious Moisturizing Shaving Cream













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