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Fall Skin Recovery Guide

get your skin back into soft, healthy, condition

Chances are pretty good that summer's fun in the sun has taken a toll on the look and feel of your skin. Fall is a great time of year to start a new beauty routine or refine the one you have to be kinder and gentler to skin. Take the time this Fall to reverse some of the sun's damage and prepare skin for the cold winter days to come.

Exfoliate and keep your skin hydrated

Does your skin look and feel like leather by the end of summer? Exfoliating skin gets rid of the dry flaky layers from summer tans and helps to generate new fresher, plump skin cells. It also stimulates the blood flow to your face bringing important oxygen to the skin, giving it a fresh, soft, healthier look. There are many ways to exfoliate skin from cleansers with micro beads to AHA serums and fruit enzyme peels. But be careful not to overdue it and pick a product geared to your skin type.

Fall winds can be just as damaging as summer's dry heat so apply a lotion/cream twice a day to keep your skin properly hydrated. Also, don’t take too much comfort in those warmer beverages and keep up with your water intake. Water is crucial to keeping your skin looking healthy and being moisturized. 

Wear sunscreen even through fall and winter months!

As Fall progresses the sun starts to set earlier and you are not’t outside as much, have you noticed that your skin looks splotchy or spottier than usual? That’s why you should continue to wear sunscreen throughout the year. Besides, it is just healthier for you overall. If you can’t find time to apply one, make it a part of your routine with a BB cream or foundation that has it built in. 

Keep your hair looking flawless

Many people think that washing and conditioning their hair daily is the best for it. Not so! And when the Fall weather hits, you can go two or three days in between washing because you won’t be sweating as much, This will actually help your hair restore its own pH balance after being washed and conditioned too much. Use dry shampoos when needed. If you can’t get your hair to style properly, do something that will enhance your Fall look- wear a cut, trendy hat or scarf! It makes you look fashionable and helps out while your hair is not’t being washed.

Seasonal makeup

During summer, women tend to wear less makeup. During winter, they tend to wear more. But what about for Fall? This is the time to find that right balance so that you can still wear the makeup you love, but also not feel like a painted doll. Fix your routine during Fall and wear the basics only. Foundation, powder, blush, mascara, and lipstick can be enough to make you feel pretty and keep you looking great. Avoid shimmer and go Matte.  Remember that Neutral Makeup is a quintessential autumn look.

Fall Nail Trends

Nail polish colors come in and out of style but the basic trends always remain the same for fall.  Darker more rich tones, nudes and shades of brown always look great in autumn.  For fall 2014 in particular, Jewel tones, heavy metals and soft neutrals are on point.















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