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Eyeshadow Application

5) Mineral eyeshadow's can be applied wet or dry. Use eyemakeup brushes to apply your eyeshadows for optimal coverage and ease of application. Pick the appropriate warm or cool colors based on you skin's undertone.

First apply a medium-toned shadow lightly all over the lid. This is usually gives the eyes enough color and sparkle for daytime wear.

Add Drama - For more dramatic emphasis add a darker tone of shadow to define the crease of the eye and the outside edge of the lid.

Powder Eyeliner - To enhance the look of lashes and create the illusion of thick lashes and/or sexy smoky eyes, use a darker eye color as an eyeliner. The darker shadow tone can be applied wet or dry to the upper lash line to create a dramatic smoky effect.

We recommend using our superior angled eye liner brush to apply the eye shadow by wetting the brush and using it as "liquid" liner. Tap a very small amount of Powder Eyeliner in the lid of your container, wet the brush and swirl it around in the powder until it forms an inky consistency. The application is more controlled, but once it dries you have the soft look and the staying power of a powder without the hard edge that liquid eyeliners can create. The eyeliner brush gives you absolute control over the thickness of the line around the eye.

Foil for Artistic Effect - For added dimension, tap a bit of a lighter shade eye shadow into the lid. Dip a wet brush into the lid and swirl around to create a light paste. Sweep over middle of eye lid to create another dimensional shade to your eye shadow color.

After eyeshadow is done. With a clean brush, brush away any particles that may have fallen under your eyes and then apply concealer.


Corective Techniques:

Close Set Eyes - With a light tone sweep a very light color directly under the eye brow or center of the eye lid. This will highlight the brow bone and open up the eye area. Curl your lashes and add mascara to open up your eyes.

For Small Eyes - Dust medium shadow on upper lid and crease. Add a different contour shade to outer 1/3 of the eyelid crease. Add highlight (as suggested above) under the arch of your eye brow. Use a complimentary eyeliner color to softly line the outer 1/2 of upper lid, extending the line slightly upward. Curl your lashes and add mascara to open up your eyes.

For Close Set Eyes - Apply medium shadow over the lid. Apply dark shade to outer 1/3 of eyelid crease and blend to the outer edge of the eye. Don't forget to add the eye opening highlight shadow to brow bone directly under the eye brow arch! Line eye lid at lash line by starting 1/2 way across the lash line with liner, extending the line just past the outer corner of the eye. Curl your lashes and add mascara to open up your eyes.

For Wide Set Eyes - Apply medium tone shadow over entire lid. Apply dark shade in the eyelid crease from midway moving inward. Add highlight directly under brow bone at brow arch. Curl your lashes and add mascara to open up your eyes.

Hooded Lids - Curl eyelashes and add one coat of mascara. Apply medium shadow over entire lid from lash line to brow bone, adding a darker shade directly above crease. Blend this dark shade towards brow and add a lighter color directly under brow to highlight brow bone. Softly apply eyeliner to lash line.




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