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2013 Spring's Fresh Face

The Fresh Face Of Spring
By Anna Pietrocola

Spring is always a time for rejuvenation and renewal. This Spring, Green is the color of youthful freshness.The new spring hues will range from pale, yellowish green tones to soft grayed bluish greens that exude a lively, casual attitude.

In makeup the look is nude, pinks and peach with subtle hints of color accents, like using a teal eyeliner on the lower lids like Eva Mendez does. Use green accents in nail color and hair clips or hair accessories to keep on trend.

The Color of the Year, is EMERALD, as announced by the premier international color authority, Pantone. This wonderful color conjures up images of richness, luxurious comfort and satisfaction.

Fashion choices will be abundant and wardrobes will easily be filled with 'green' and it will be easy for every one of us to find a perfect item to bring in the new year. This bold Emerald color can be paired with other vibrant colors such as Monaco Blue, Poppy Red and African Violet. Don't fret if the vivid Emerald hue isn't the most flattering for you. There are plenty of green variations on the fashion scene and the spring palette is also filled with other fresh, energizing colors. After all, spring is the time for rejuvenation, growing and letting your world know just how alive you are.

Embrace the new seasonal colors and show off your individuality. Fashion is fun, so stretch your comfort zone a little bit and scramble up your classic pieces. Add some fun flair and be confident and alive.


Natural vs. Bright Eye Shadow Colors
by Charli

Makeup is a great way to empower anyone, because it's meant to enhance one's natural beauty. It can also serve to highlight and add drama to your best features, especially the eyes. When it comes to the tone and hue of eyeshadows, different looks are appropriate for certain times and venues.

Dark, saturated colors are excellent for slinking out at night, while natural colors are appropriate for any venue during the day, especially work and school. When applying eye shadow, it's important to take note of what will compliment your eye color the most.

If your eyes are blue or green, try using a contrasting bright such as peach or mauve. Your eyes will pop radiantly, and the look will give you added charm and vivaciousness. For light brown or hazel eyes, green eye shadow is a great contrasting hue, while intense purples are excellent for highlighting dark brown eyes.

Playing with bold, bright colors is always fun, but when you need to go for a more natural look, use shades that are slightly shimmery, but closer to your natural skin tone. Darken the outer corner of your eye, while highlighting the inner corner to make them wake up with a dewy glow. Like eye shadow, don't overdo jet black eyeliner, especially if you're fair skinned.

White eyeliner is also great for lining the bottom, inner lid, so that your eyes appear larger and more awake. When you're trying to expel a drowsy look in the AM before jetting to class or work, strategically placed liner and shadow can dramatically brighten your face from its ashen prison.

When using either bright or natural colors, it's important that you blend the makeup well so that it doesn't appear harsh or caked on. You want makeup to flash effortlessly, so use your best instincts and experiment to find the looks that are perfect for you.

Have fun, play and enjoy! Charli













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